1. Contact

You can contact me through skype, email or PMC (Skype recommended). When you do make sure your commission details include:

  • Specified detail of what you want me to draw (references pictures are recommended)
  • Sketch, Lineart, Colored or Fully shaded (More detail coming soon)
  • Any other details you’d like me to add

2. Deposit

After I’ve accepted to make your commission, you’d have to pay 50% of the price to prevent scam.

3. W.I.P

Max 1 weeks for me to work on your product until i send the draft.

4. Draft

I’ll send a watermarked sketch of your commission and we’d discuss changes.

5. Final

I work for 2 more weeks until I notify you that I’m finished, when I do you pay the last 50% and I send the unwatermarked commission.

If I don’t manage to finish until the deadline, you get 5% off for each day after.


Remember: I have every right not to accept commissions.