Hey everyone 😀

My name is Ana but people call me cookie 😛 It’s a nickname my mom came up with and now it won’t leave me alone, so might as well accept it. I live in Germany and I’ve been making graphics for the past year or so (Well actually two but I got decent around a year after I started). Drawing was always my favorite hobby, but I also like to sing, play guitar, and act (DRAMA).

I started publishing my art in PMC and after I did, I got more and more requests. So many people told me I should open a shop and quit doing it for free (At some point I was so stressed from requests I just didn’t even touch my tablet for a while), so I’m giving it a try 🙂

I hope the offers and packages are reasonable for people who also can’t really afford expensive graphics, I tried my best to make the prices as low yet reasonable as possible 🙂

Have a good day 🙂